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Body-Weight-Supported Rehabilitation

The idea behind body-weight-supported walking rehabilitation is to support the body weight of the rehabilitee with the help of harnesses so that even a person with a poor general condition can train effectively and safely. As their condition improves, support can be reduced and the speed of the treadmill increased. Training can be begun even before the rehabilitee is able to control their movements in an upright position.

Watch a video presentation of body-weight-supported rehabilitation.

TheraBalance Trainer

TheraBalance trainer is safe and effective and enables training of balance and active standing. The equipment is utilised in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from, for example, paralytic strokes, Parkinson’s or MS. The trainer at Kitinkannus is also equipped with BalanceSoft software. Immediate feedback of body movements is shown on the computer screen, which effectively improves posture control.

Lokomat® Walking Robot

Lokomat therapy is recommended for patients suffering from spinal cord injuries, paralytic strokes, different neurological disorders (e.g. multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease) and various musculoskeletal problems.

The basic idea behind the robot is that the patient walks automatically with the help of harnesses, handles, the unweighting system, treadmill and motor. The effect is based on the right gait pattern, which reminds the brain of automatic, normal walking. Feet relay to the brain the feeling of weight while joints relay the right trajectories. Upright training always promotes recovery. Gait length, angles of the hips and knees, walking pace and possible body weight support can be adjusted by a computer.

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