Postoperative Care and Rehabilitation at Kitinkannus®

A postoperative rehabilitation period is begun with initial examinations by a doctor, a physiotherapist and a registered nurse. The rehabilitation period comprises daily: individual physiotherapy and occupational therapy, exercise groups appropriate to the rehabilitee’s general condition, as well as leisure activities. The rehabilitee also receives a pedicure and an appointment with a social worker. At the end of the rehabilitation period, a doctor’s examination is performed and the results of the physiotherapy and occupational therapy are evaluated.

A professional team formulates a rehabilitation plan and follows its progress. Rehabilitative treatment is implemented round the clock at Kitinkannus.

Rehabilitation is realised by the multi-professional cooperation of doctors, registered nurses, practical nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers.

The individual skills of the rehabilitee and the jointly agreed objectives of rehabilitation are taken into account in choosing physiotherapy methods. Natural, everyday situations and the development of the necessary skills are the focus of occupational therapy. During therapy, the need for assistive devices is assessed, and then their use is trained.

The facilities and exercise equipment of Kitinkannus® are well-suited for postoperative rehabilitation. For example, we have a Lokomat® walking simulation robot, an H/P Cosmos body-weight-supported walking exercise machine, a BalanceTrainer for balance and standing position training, basic physiotherapy equipment, modern gym machines, a sports hall and therapy pool.

Rehabilitees can take part in various structured leisure activities, lectures, exercise and discussion groups.