Lokomat® Walking Robot

Kitinkannus® has invested in the development of rehabilitation, expertise of the personnel and new technology. The first Lokomat® walking robot in Finland was introduced at Kitinkannus in August 2010. This robotic device has been especially designed for neurological rehabilitation. The Lokomat walking robot has already helped numerous rehabilitees around the world. Now it is also available in Finland, and our clients have the opportunity to utilise the latest technology and expertise which we at Kitinkannus rehabilitation centre have in abundance. We have already previously taken into use, for example, an H/P Cosmos body-weight-supported walking exercise machine and TheraBalance computer assisted balance training equipment.

Who will benefit from the Lokomat®?

The need for Lokomat therapy is always assessed by a doctor. Generally, Lokomat therapy is recommended for patients suffering from spinal cord injuries, paralytic strokes, different neurological disorders (e.g. multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathies, cerebral palsy) and various musculoskeletal problems. A client who cannot control their standing position or handle their body weight can also learn to walk using the robotic device.

How does one get into Lokomat® therapy?

Inpatient rehabilitation is available with a commitment to pay from a hospital or health centre, or as a self-financing client. Lokomat therapy is also offered for outpatients. Clients coming from far away can be accommodated at Kitinrivi (only for self-functioning clients, no facilities for the disabled) or in the main building, if necessary. Catering facilities are located in the main building.

How does the Lokomat® work?

The patient walks automatically with the help of harnesses, handles, the unweighting system, treadmill and motor. The effect the robot has is based on the right gait pattern, which reminds the brain of how to walk correctly. The gait technique of the patient may have been impaired, for instance, by a stroke. Upright training promotes recovery. Gait length, angles of the hips and knees, walking pace and possible body weight support can be adjusted with a computer. At first, the robot can do all the hard work for the client, but as the therapy progresses, the proportion of the patient’s own muscular work is increased. The Lokomat walking robot is used to complement other rehabilitative physiotherapy methods.

Kitinkannus® Rehabilitees Fit for Home Care

Worldwide, walking robots are a common part of physiotherapy, but in Finland, Kitinkannus is a forerunner in robot assisted rehabilitation. First experiences seem very positive and feedback from clients has been encouraging. Many patients get to walk on their own feet for the first time in a long while with the help of the Lokomat walking robot. This also gives extra motivation and energy for their rehabilitation. The personnel at Kitinkannus want to give everybody the chance to walk!